Accelerate the transition to an impact economy

We work together with companies, executives, NGOs and governments to develop the mindsetinstruments and incentives for the Impact Economy.

An impact economy is a market economy that provides the values, information and incentives that optimise the common good and enables people to pursue their own preferences, ideas and projects to satisfy their needs while having a positive impact on society.

We work towards an economy in which:

Impact accounting puts societal value creation and contributing to the SDGs at the heart of every single organisation.

Work, innovation and entrepreneurship contributes to resolving our societal challenges.

Sustainable, responsible and regenerative entrepreneurship is easier and more profitable than business as usual.

True prices
True returns
True profits


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With 2100, the CVO of the Year Award and other initiatives, we develop the mindset for impact professionals and executives to think and act based on societal value (social, human and natural capital) instead of solely financial value.


Together with our partners, we develop the toolbox of impact instruments (such as impact-weighted accounting and the generation test) with which organisations can measure, report and steer on impact.


To harness the power of markets for the common good, it is essential that organisations pay for external costs and are responsible for following human rights in their value chains. We shape and advocate these incentives.

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